Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We can't believe it's been 9 years!

It's hard to believe it's been nine years already.  It seems like just yesterday they were handing us our new baby girl.  We loved her from the first moment we laid eyes upon her tiny cone-head full of jet black hair and her sweet little rosebud lips!  It was love at first sight!

As parents, people are always telling you, "Enjoy it, because it goes by so fast."  Yesterday, we realized the complete truth behind that statement.  She's NINE!  We are half way - half way to graduation, half way to college and half way to having an empty room in our house!  It's sad and emotional for Ryan and I.  Our baby girl is a tween now and we all know what's coming.  More of the, "You don't understands" and the "It's not fairs" and of course the dreaded, "I hate yous."  Wish us luck because ready or not here we go!  Here's a quick peek down memory lane ~ our little princess!

Birth Day - May 27th, 1999 - Ashlee Marie Dunn - 7 pounds @ 2:01 pm 
(I think Ryan was a little worried when she came out looking Samoan - but then my mom showed him my birth photo and the trust was back)

1st Birthday - Howarth Park - My first carousel ride, pony ride and train ride!  Everyone came to celebrate!

2nd Birthday at the park - with Sno Kone machine, water balloon toss and lots of family and friends!

3rd Birthday - at home with Power Puff Girls Jumper - she jumped from sun up til sun down!  Explains why she's about to fall asleep here...

4th Birthday - Pony party at Papa Dennis and Grandma Jan's - Pony rides on 'Magic' the pony.  For a few years, Ashlee actually thought that 'Magic' was her pony that lived at Papa's house.  

5 years old!  First day of Kindergarten (can't find b-day photos ???) It was a Strawberry shortcake party with a strawberry shortcake jumper.  Katie made her a Strawberry Shortcake faced cake!   We had a berry good time!

6th Birthday - The Princess Party - all her friends dressed up as princesses.  We did fancy hair do's, painted nails and had a princessy good time!

7th Birthday - Pool party at our hotel with family - Went to Aunt Carrie's wedding in Southern Cali!  

8th Birthday - The Luau Party!  Hula dance lessons, smoothy bar and let us not forget the limbo competition!

9th Birthday - Family party on Memorial Day!  AMERICAN IDOL party next weekend!  Can't wait!  Karaoke baby!!!

Ashlee is off to a great start!  She's smart, funny, loving and very caring.  She loves art, music, softball, piano, reading and even school!  She's a great big sister and a joy most of the time (sassiness has set in)  We are very proud of our Ashlee!  Happy Birthday Ash ! 


Love Mommy and Daddy


tween  (twn)
A child between middle childhood and adolesence, usually between 8 and 12 years old.

[Blend of teen1 and between.]

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jimbrog said...

Yep, time really does fly. Why it seems like only yesterday I witnessed the birth of Ashlee's mom.