Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opening Day Madness!

Yesterday was opening day for baseball/softball season!  It is always a CRAZY day!  The kids love it though and get really pumped up for the season!  It all starts at 8:00 am - parade of all the teams, opening ceremonies at the park, lots of early morning candy, and then of course each of then have a game!  

This year Ashlee is on the team Lightning.  She has a few of her friends from class on her team and Principal Reed is her coach - so she's pretty excited.  The weather was rainy on and off so I didn't take my camera to their games today.  Ashlee pitched the first inning of her game (in the rain).  She was cold, wet and a little nervous but she still managed to strike out a batter.  Not bad for our "girly girl"!  Even with a few tears and frozen fingers from the freezing rain, she managed to get a hit and eventually bring in a run for her team.  Way to go Ash!

LIGHTNING - Girl's Softball - Minors - 2009

Nolan is on the Florida State Seminoles this year.  He didn't know anyone on his team.  And to our surprise, our little bashful dude wasted no time making new friends.  Nolan is such a natural out there on the field!  He loves the game and is so focused!  It's the perfect sport for our concentrated little man.  He plays first base amazingly well and seems to be really understanding the game this year.  He is new to Minor League this year and with that comes the infamous pitching machine.  It's a little intimidating for these pro-tee-ballers but Daddy is taking Nolan to the batting cages today for some more practice.

FLORIDA STATE - Little League Baseball - Minors A - 2009

Baseball season is always stressful and go-go-go!  But with all the stresses of life right now, this is exactly what we need!  

Our kids are awesome!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Patient

Today is my birthday.  How does a mother of (almost) four spend her birthday?  Why, at home with a sick kiddo of course!  My morning started off great and then....the call came.  Nolan was in the nurses office with a fever.  I should have half expected it, it's been making it's way around the neighborhood. When I got to the school to pick him up, he said he was sorry and he hoped he didn't get me sick on my birthday.  He's such a sweet guy!  

My little man refused to take a nap.  Instead he wrapped up in a blanket and started on a 3-D puzzle - but guess what?  He didn't get too far before his little aching body fell asleep.  He's a pretty good patient, I have to admit.  I'm so sad for my sweet little man.  I hope he feels better soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"P" is for Princess!

Today for Haidyn's preschool our lesson was on the letter "P".   Fortunately, we have an all girls preschool at this time, so we were able to celebrate the letter "P" the best us girls know how - WE HAD A PRINCESS PARTY!  We curled hair, put on some sparkles, dressed in princess attire, made magic princess wands and ate popcorn for our afternoon snack.  Haidyn had so much fun!  The only way I could coax her into bed tonight was by promising to have another princess party very soon.

"P" is for Princess!

Princess Haidyn 

Princess Sydnie

Princess Noelle 

Princess Abby

Princess Chloe

The Princesses dancing at their ball! 

(Princess Paige's presence has been requested at the next ball)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Makes It All Better?...

We have been dealing with a lot of stress in our lives.  But today I sat back and really noticed what I love.

  • I love when I'm staring off into space in deep thought and Haidyn comes and put's her happy pizza face in mine!

  • I love that when Nolan walks in the room he always touches my belly and asks if the baby's awake.  He loves to feel her move.

  • I love that Ashlee leaves me little notes like these:  "Dear Mommy, I love you very much.  I love you as much as the earth itself.  I  know our baby has good health.  I watch you as the stars go by and you know that Daddy wears diamond ties.  (???)  I love you mommy. Love your eldest daughter, Ashlee"

  • I (kinda) love that this baby does acrobats inside me at night while I'm trying to sleep - it means she's healthy

  • I love that Ryan cleaned the garage today and told me to go lay down and rest.

  • I love that my mom has been so supportive and takes my phone calls even when she's working. And that when I don't call her, she calls to check on me.

  • I love that my magnolia tree is in bloom.

  • I love that the dog and cat have become best friends.

Today, I am thankful for what is truly important. 
(and yes, my tree is one of those things)