Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Sunday Night Cool Down

We took the kids to the clubhouse tonight for a swim.  It was another hot day.  Kendyl and I decided to take a dip too.  Kendyl loves her baths so it was no surprise that she loved the pool too.  It was my first swim this year.  I wasn't too excited to squeeze back into my swim suit nor expose my whiteness from lack of sun all season.  But I did and it wasn't so bad after all.  Here's to another week.  It will be a short one.  We leave for Sea Ranch on Thursday!  Can't wait!

Our four kiddos
Mama and her wee one
Just like Happy Haidyn, we have a Happy Kendyl
Haidyn still loves to catch air! Especially when it lands in a SPLASH!
The big kids.
Miss blue eyes.  Kendyl gets lots of comments on her crazy hair and bright blue eyes.  
Happy again!
I think Daddy likes tossing her around (in an evil sort of way)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sugary Afternoon

It was so nice to have a long weekend.  Yesterday, we claimed it family day but couldn't decide what to do.  Ryan suggested Apple Hill and everyone cheered!  So off we went.  I purposely left my camera behind.  I wanted to play with my kids yesterday and not just watch them play though the lens of my camera. (although, I was thinking about my camera a lot and wishing I had brought it)  So without any photos to share, here's the gist of our amazingly, yummy trip to Apple Hill.

1 dozen apple donuts
1 candied apple with sprinkles
1 caramel apple
1 caramel marshmallow stick
1 homemade candle (by Haidyn) with bubble gum scent
2 face paintings
1 bucket full of apples
2 bbq tri-tip sandwiches
6 bottles of water
1 square of pumpkin fudge
$ .50 for petting zoo food

It was an afternoon packed full of clear blue sky, fresh air and lots of sugary treats.  Maybe that's why Nolan got sick at bedtime.  He seems fine this morning so I'm sure it was from the overwhelming consumption of sugar.  We are bloated and feeling a little sluggish today - but it was worth every bite!

Now -- what to do with all of these apples...