Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Focus, focus, focus

Ashlee is having so much fun with softball this year.  She recently informed her coach that she was interested in pitching.  So guess what?  Coach D is letting her pitch to a couple batters in this Saturday's game!  I am so nervous for her.  This is her first year playing - we're so glad she is having fun and enjoying it!

We practiced tonight and she seems pretty confident - so I guess we'll see how it goes.  Here's some footage of our little allstar!

Wish her luck!

Auntie Tammi, please feel free to leave her some tips in the comments section - critique away!


Tammi said...

Lookin' good! For now I would focus on 2 things.
1. Make sure you follow thru with your arm. Once you release the ball keep your arm moving until you "pat" yourself on the shoulder
2. Use your hips. Just like you're going to open and close a door, your hips start out looking at the batter, then you open the door when your arm goes up, then when you release, shut the door. That way you'll have more momentum and speed behind the ball.
I'll show you in person this weekend :-)
Keep up the good work, and keep practicing!

jimbrog said...

Good job Ash, keep practiceing sweetie.