Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're OFF!

We are heading to Waldport, Oregon for our family reunion!  Can't wait!  
We'll have lots to share when we return!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peanut Butter - gotta love it!

Okay, so Haidyn's new infatuation is gum!  We have always had very strict rules with gum in our house.  Ashlee can still only chew gum if her hair is pulled back in a pony tail. Well, today Haidyn was chewing gum and when she was done with it she gave it to me and said, "all done mommy."  So, to the trash the gum went.  Later today, I noticed GUM IN HER HAIR!  My worst nightmare!  It was pretty high up and all mashed and tangled.  YIKES!  I had always heard that peanut butter can remove gum from hair, but due to our strict gum-chewing-rules I had never encountered this situation.  I dove straight for the tub of 'Jif' - it worked like a charm! Her golden locks are good as new!  

The funny thing is, earlier today I was NOT a big fan of peanut butter.  My kids (mostly Nolan and Haidyn) are always wanting a "peanut butter spoon".  It's one of their favorite snacks. But this morning as they were enjoying their peanutty spoon, Nolan decided it funny to chase Haidyn around the house.  She ran to me, clenching to my leg and laughing while drooling and wiping her tasty spoon all over my booty!   Not so fun.  But now, I have a new appreciation for the peanut butter!

Places we've found peanut butter smeared...
1. on my booty
2. on the kitchen counters
3. on the underside of the table
4. on my curtains
5. on the couch
6. on the dog
7. and even the cat
8. Haidyn's hair
9. bathroom sink
10. all over towels
11.  on their clothes
12. AND surprisingly...the toilet (at least we thought it was peanut butter)

Thanks 'Jif' - we are now forever loyal consumers of your product.  Sorry 'Skippy', I won't be conducting any new research in the near future.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's Day

Today was a very special day for our family!  We honored our Daddy!   This Father's Day we surprised Ryan with tickets to a Sacramento River Cats game.  The game was at 1:00 so Haidyn spent the afternoon with grandma.  I know it sounds sad that she missed out, but it was scorching hot today and the game was smack in the middle of nap time.  We made sure Daddy got his fix of Haidyn today - no worries.  

This was Ashlee and Nolan's first baseball game.  They had fun but it was a little hot for them (for us all).  We enjoyed sno-cones, ice cream and lots of water!  We decided to leave sometime during the 7th inning.  The kids were tired and hot, the Rivercats were getting creamed and we wanted to beat the rush of traffic.  All in all, it was super fun!  Definitely not for Haidyn - someday though for sure.

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy I know!  Ry, you are so much more than I ever hoped for in a father for our kids!  We love you!

Thanks Whitney, for the great seats!  It was a great day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Idol Party

Ashlee's 'American Idol' party was a huge success!  

(Simon was NOT invited.  We tried to book David Archuleta but it was past his curfew)

The star herself...Ashlee!

The Contestants!  
Raelynn, Marisella, Ashlee, Leah, Riley, Gwyneth & Claire

The girls had so much fun singing karaoke and dancing their pants off! 

It was a great day and the perfect party for a nine year old girl - she had a blast!   

She informed us last night when we were putting her to bed that she was looking forward to her next birthday.  When we asked her why she said, "because it's double digits mom and I'll have a one in the ten's place - and then I can get a cell phone!"  When we told her that wouldn't be happening she continued on that, "all my friends are getting cell phones..."  We explained that what is right for one family isn't necessarily right for our family.  Then I listed off about 8 friends off the top of my head that do not have cell phones.  When she replied, "Well so and so does and you do."  I said, "Yes I do, and I am an adult and I have a three in the ten's place."  She had nothing more to say except for, "You just don't understand."  

And I'm okay with that!