Monday, June 2, 2008

Idol Party

Ashlee's 'American Idol' party was a huge success!  

(Simon was NOT invited.  We tried to book David Archuleta but it was past his curfew)

The star herself...Ashlee!

The Contestants!  
Raelynn, Marisella, Ashlee, Leah, Riley, Gwyneth & Claire

The girls had so much fun singing karaoke and dancing their pants off! 

It was a great day and the perfect party for a nine year old girl - she had a blast!   

She informed us last night when we were putting her to bed that she was looking forward to her next birthday.  When we asked her why she said, "because it's double digits mom and I'll have a one in the ten's place - and then I can get a cell phone!"  When we told her that wouldn't be happening she continued on that, "all my friends are getting cell phones..."  We explained that what is right for one family isn't necessarily right for our family.  Then I listed off about 8 friends off the top of my head that do not have cell phones.  When she replied, "Well so and so does and you do."  I said, "Yes I do, and I am an adult and I have a three in the ten's place."  She had nothing more to say except for, "You just don't understand."  

And I'm okay with that!



jimbrog said...

And I have a cell phone and have a 5 in front of that.....She is so darn funny. I'm glad they had a good time. Everything looks pretty neat in the pictures.

Courtney said...

Raelynn had a blast, and went through some of Ashlee's past parties at bedtime. It's a glorious history--you better knock it off or Raelynn going to start getting demanding! Cell phones? Not already!!

Tammi said...

I love the cake..did you decorate it yourself???

Kimberly Dunn said...

I did do it myself. Although in person it is not a very fancy cake. I kinda botched it actually. But thanks! I found the light up cake topper online.