Saturday, May 30, 2009


Nolan has finally accepted the fact that he is getting yet another sister.  He has made it very clear that Antonio (our cat) is all the brother he needs.  

As much as this kitty has been driving me nuts lately, how could I dream of separating this awesome duo?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Years Ago...

10 years ago today I gave birth to this amazing child!  Ryan and I were so excited for our little princess to arrive.   We were ready for parenthood and couldn't wait to start the journey!  It has been an amazing 10 years!  Ashlee has been such a joy and has brought so much laughter and silliness to our family.  She's blossoming into such a young lady -- almost overnight.  Here are some fun things to share about our Ashlee Marie...

1.  Ashlee wakes up early and happy - everyday!
2.  She loves to sing and dance
3.  She is an aspiring artist and is constantly drawing or crafting something
4.  She's a little bit of a pack rat
5.  Loves to collect little "treasures"
6.  She loves Haidyn to pieces but gets frustrated with her easily
7.  Surprisingly, she loves Nolan but they fight sun-up til sun-down 
8. We've even caught her yelling at Nolan in her sleep
9.  She's a daddy's girl all the way
10. But loves her girl talks and shopping trips with mom
11.  Her favorite color is blue
12.  Her favorite dinner is Tuna Casserole
13.  She likes her pancakes with just butter - no syrup
14.  She makes friends easily
15.  She loves school and is exceptionally smart
16.  Sometimes her mouth gets a little smart too
17.  She plays the piano
18.  Drama, Drama, Drama Queen
19.  She HATES spiders
20. She loves animals
21.  She's a princess all the way - never liked to be dirty for too long
22.  She loves the beach
23.  She has a special bond with her grandmothers
24.  She has more purses than me
25.  Every year she cuts her hair short and regrets it
26.  She's a good friend
27.  She loves playing softball
28.  She bites her fingernails
29.  She sucked her thumb til she was 7
30.  She LOVES to read
31.  She is very thoughtful and giving
32.  She needs to work on her "freak out moments" (hormones are brewin')
33.  She was an easy baby
34.  She's very independent
35.  Her nicknames are:  Ash, Ash-lls, Biddish, Ash-bi-dash (thanks to her dad)  
36.  Her giggles are infectious
37.  She's left handed (little lefty)
38.  She always tells a story with a smile 
39.  She thinks she's funnier than she is - which makes her all the more funny!
40.  She's our first born and we couldn't be prouder!!!

Thanks for being the child that welcomed us into parenthood!  We love you more and more each day!  Happy birthday Ash!  Love Mom & Dad

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gone Buggy!

Haidyn has never been afraid of bugs before.  But lately she has been terrified!  Nolan had a class project last week.  He has been studying the life cycle of silkworms.  Haidyn was FREAKING out about the silkworms -- trembling, screaming and clawing her way up into Ryan's arms.  I can't even describe the show she put on at school - my words wouldn't even give it justice.  Let's just say, it was over the top!  We had never seen her this way before.  Now she is starting to have nightmares about ants and bugs being in her room.  Not sure where this is stemming from but it's almost entertaining in a way.  Ashlee has been working with her.  She finally got Haidyn to hold one of Nolan's silkworms (he got to bring 2 home as pets) the other day.  

Today, she found a ladybug outside.  She was kinda upset to find it.  After some encouraging, I got her to hold it -- for about 3.5 seconds.  Then she said, "I'm done.  Make it go away now!"  
Baby steps


This morning I put on my little blue sundress.  Haidyn saw me and ran to her room.  She wanted her blue sundress too.  I obliged.  "Look mommy, we match!"  Too bad I had errands to run. I'm sure people wondered what the matchy-matchy was all about.  Oh well, whatever makes my princess happy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ashlee's 10th Birthday Splash!

Yesterday we celebrated Ashlee's upcoming 10th birthday!  She wanted a swim party and boy did it turn out to be the day for it -- it was a scorching 102!  She invited a few of her closest friends to Grandma & Papa's clubhouse.  It was a pretty simple party.  The kids just swam the whole time.  It was even hard to coax them out of the water to enjoy the melting cupcakes!  I have to say, it's nice that our kids are getting older now and I can actually breathe and somewhat relax at the pool, not worrying about them drowning every second.  

Happy (early) birthday to our 1st princess!  We've reached double digits now!!!  Where did the time go?  (sob...sob...sob)

Monday, May 11, 2009

If Nolan Only Knew...

If Nolan only knew that while he was away, Haidyn played dollies in his bed.  I think we'll keep it to ourselves.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Happy Mother's Night

It was a pretty uneventful Mother's Day but I'm not complaining.  I spent yet another day in bed, still trying to get over this flu.  Ryan and Ashlee cleaned the whole house!  What a great start for the week!  

Nolan let me pull out his tooth and he hurried off to bed early, anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy.

Ashlee went to bed like a pro - as usual.  Tired from all the cleaning I suppose.

And Haidyn....well Haidyn wasn't too thrilled to see the day come to an end...

But it doesn't take much to snap our happy Haidyn out of her stink.  Daddy laid down with her and after a comical version of the Three Little Pigs, he had her smiling once again.
Good night and Happy Mother's Day to all the deserving mommies out there!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Enjoying Haidyn

Haidyn and I have been enjoying our one-on-one time lately.  It makes me sad that soon she will have to share me with her new baby sister.  I know there's enough of me to go around -- I just hope she does.