Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

Haidyn loves to be outside and even the rain can't keep her away.  The other day Ashlee bundled her up and took her out to jump and play in the rain.  That child has way too much energy!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Haidyn and Her Kitty

Haidyn is in love with Antonio, our kitty.  She is a bit too love-y with him at times - a little 'Lennie-ish'.  But good ol' Antonio takes it without any complaints.  He seems to like the extra affection.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree Deal!

Due to the crappy economy, most of us are pinching pennies this year.  If you are looking to save a little on your Christmas tree this year go check out 'Wise Buys' in Roseville.  They just got a shipment of 700 trees and all of them (6 - 12ft.) are only $9.98!  We drove out this morning and got one for us and one for  my parents.  Just thought I would pass on a good deal for those who are interested!  Better hurry - I heard they sold out their last shipment in 3 days.

Our annual tradition is to drive up to Apple Hill to cut down our tree.  But this year value outweighed our tradition.

'Wise Buys'
1159 Roseville Square
Corner of Douglas & Harding

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You

I just want to say thank you to my husband and to everyone who has been so concerned over my health lately.  This pregnancy has been a rough road these past few weeks.  Ryan has been amazing!  He's Mr. Mom, Mr. Dad, Mr. Nurse and so much more.  Today he took me to the hospital and I was given fluids for my dehydration and some nausea medication.  I truly hope that I can not only start to feel better, but start to enjoy this FINAL pregnancy.  

Thanks again for all of your concern - we (me and little fetus) will be okay~  Kimberly

Thank you Ryan - I know it's been hard for you but I love you   =0)  

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We were surprised too!  

It's time to share the news as I can no longer hide it.  My belly is growing and I have been so sick that people are beginning to worry.  Yes, it is true - baby number 4 will be arriving hopefully sometime before July 4, 2009!  

The kids are very excited while Nolan is already planning for bunk beds - he just knows it's going to be a baby brother.  

I guess we'll be needing a new license plate soon.  Any suggestions???  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Haidyn Turns Three!

I can't believe our baby girl is 3!  Exactly one week after Nolan's birthday, we celebrate Haidyn's!  This year they each had small parties with their friends and then one Saturday we had my parents and Ryan's parents over for pizza to celebrate both their birthdays.  

Haidyn loves her new Dora bike from Papa Dennis & Gramma Jan.
My mom bought her an American Girl (Bitty Baby) with matching Christmas clothes - too cute!
And our little mastermind loves his new Erector Set!

Haidyn's Dora Party:  We had the party last Friday morning.  It was a Dora fiesta!  We had a small jumper, a pinata and for lunch we made tostadas.  It was lots of fun.  Here's Haidyn waiting for her friends to arrive for the party - she was having a hard time being patient.
Haidyn's famous tongue - so purty!
Cousin Shad beating up Dora.
"Thank you friends for all the fun presents!  We had a fun day!" ~Haidyn


Every year we carve pumpkins the day before Halloween - which is Nolan's birthday!

Halloween night was fun!  We went over to the Dyers' house for dinner with our Allaire Circle Family and then off we went to find the candy.  This was Haidyn's first year where she really understood what was going on.  She loved it!  After every house she would ask, "Mommy, can I go trick-or-treating again?"  She wanted to be assured that this venture would never end!
  Of course it did and she was thrilled with her loot!  

When we got home we had a ton of candy to hand out to other trick-or-treaters.  So, Ashlee and Nolan plopped themselves on the front porch and took over the task - it was great!  

Backed Up Blog...

I am so behind on blogging!  I don't know where to begin and there is so much I will have to just leave out - I can't find the time these days.  I will start with the Piano Recital.

Ashlee has been in piano now for about 3 years.  This was her first recital.  We were all so nervous for her.  Papa Dennis, Grandma Carolyn and Papa Larry came to support the kids too.  Here is a little clip of one of the songs she played.  She did great and recovered from her little mishap marvelously!  (notice no music, she played by memory)

Nolan has been in piano for about 3 months now.  He is learning fast and seems to really enjoy it. I was so proud of him!  Nolan does not like to be in the spotlight (like his sister).  The fact that he not only got up there, but performed wonderfully is just amazing to me.  Our little man is maturing.  Unfortunately, Haidyn was being a handful during Nolan's performance so I don't have his recording on my camera.  Daddy did video the entire performance on our camcorder, but I have yet to figure out how to upload those files.  So here is a photo (of his back - sorry)
Miles, Nolan, Raelynn & Ashlee
Thanks Carrie, for teaching our kids to play piano and enriching our home with the sound of music!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why We Keep Going Back...

We love fall and we LOVE APPLE HILL!  This is one of our favorite times of year.  Our family has been heading up the hill every year since Nolan was born and as long as we're Californians, our tradition will never die.  You may wonder what is so great about apples and the hill in which they come from, so we are hoping this blog posting will bring you a little piece of what us Lil' Dunns call, "Apple Heaven."

Apple Hill is located off HWY 50 just above Placerville - less than an hour drive from Sacramento.  It's the perfect day trip and such a beautiful drive.  There are over 30 farms you can visit and some are even open year round.  We usually head up again in December to cut down our Christmas tree.  So, here are the reasons why we keep going back...

#1.  The Free Shuttle: it runs only during the month of October.  You can park for free at Schnell Elementary School and the shuttle takes you on the apple farm loop.  Shuttles run about every 15 minutes.  (make sure to get your boxes of apples and pumpkins last)

#2.  The Food:  It's like going to fair - but better!  Ryan is always a fan of BBQ anything!  I have to admit today's pork tri-tip (is there such a thing?) was delicious!

#3.  Apples, Apples and more Apples!  There are too many yummy apple treats to list.  

But our favorites are caramel apples, apple pies, apple fritters & of course the apple donuts.
And fresh apple juice to wash all that sugar down!

#4.  COLORS!  There is an overwhelming abundance of color - it's sensory overload at it's best! 

#5. Choosing our pumpkins:  despite all the fun local pumpkin patches, the kids like hauling home their pumpkins.  The deal is that they have to be able to carry it themselves since Ryan and I are usually loaded up with boxes of apples.  I think it makes them feel important - this year Daddy did end up carrying the brunt of our goods.

#6.  Crafts & Fun:  Each farm offers different activities for families.  There are street markets of various hand crafted goodies, produce stands galore and crafts for the kids.  The girls enjoyed getting their faces painted. 
While Nolan made his own candle.  

#7.  Time??? What?  We find that there's no such thing as a schedule when we're at Apple Hill - the best part is taking our time to enjoy every bit of "Apple Heaven".  After all, our next visit is a year away.   

Friday, October 24, 2008

Alice, the Sorcerer and the Queen

Tonight was the fall carnival at the kids' elementary school.  We didn't take the camera with us - we wanted to make sure we were able to enjoy every minute but of course I snapped a few before we left. 

Let's start with Miss Alice.  Haidyn isn't really that into movies yet, but she does love Alice in Wonderland.  We were lucky to have borrowed this great costume from Taylor (all the way from Texas!)  Doesn't she make the cutest Alice?

Next up is Nolan!  We bought this super hat while we were in DisneyLand last year.  He mentioned back then that he would like to be Sorcerer Mickey and Nolan never forgets.  So I made him the robe, we found the perfect gold rope and voila!  Sorcerer Mickey! 

Last, but not least is Miss Ashlee.  She had quite the time making her choice of costume this year.  I still have a bag of fabric sitting here on my desk - someday it will make the cutest Little Red Riding Hood costume.  She was all over the place; Little Red, Princess Lucy, Pirate Girl, the list goes on.  But one day we were in Marshalls and found this great Queen of Hearts costume.  Knowing that Haidyn would be Alice, it was perfect!  Done deal!  She won best overall costume tonight at the carnival for her grade level.  She was very proud!

Tonight when I was putting Haidyn to bed she was throwing a big fit (obviously from the excess of sugar tonight)  She was screaming, "Off with your head!" to me while I was wrestling her down to slap some jammies on her little heiny!  I think we may have to save Ashlee's costume for Haidyn.  It's her new favorite line.

Our little trick-or-treaters!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Legos Rock!"

Today was Nolan's birthday party trip to the Lego store in Santa Clara.  The Lego store and it's employees really went above and beyond to make this day extra special for our little dude and his friends -- we were blown away!  It was so fun, the boys had such a hands-on experience.  I have to admit I was a little worried about taking four boys on a trip but the boys were so mellow, so well behaved and so intense in their building and creativity.  The employees were so laid back - the boys pretty much had the store all to themselves for over an hour before it opened to the public.  
Nolan and his best buds (Miles, Blake, Liam and Nolan)
The wall of LEGOS!  Every boy's dream!  They stood in front of it, mouths open and just stared...
Our first activity:  the boys were given a cup of legos to custom build their own car.  

They took this job very seriously...
Once they had their cars complete, Travis (our Lego go-to-guy) set up a ramp so the boys could take turns racing their cars.  They were able to tweak their designs to enhance speed.  (they were little engineers)
Then they were given a cup of Legos and had to guess how many were inside -- the winner got to fill a cup with Legos from the famous LEGO WALL!
Next, they each got to choose a Lego kit to build and take home.
And FINALLY, they were able to browse and purchase MORE LEGOS!

Taj Mahal
You could say we left a few empty shelves - they were in 7 year old heaven!
We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen
Cheers birthday boy!
Our little man will be 7 years old on the 30th!