Friday, August 29, 2008

Too busy to blog...

Life is so fast right now!  I haven't a second to spare.  You can follow what's new with Haidyn on my daycare blog.  (Click here)

We'll settle into our new routine soon and I'll be back to blogging - maybe.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

They're Off!

Today was the first day of school.  They were both so excited and ready to go bright and early. We had a family meeting last night to remind them of our morning routine and go over what was expected of them.  Here's our plan:

1. Don't get out of bed until 7:00
2. Get dressed 
3. Make your bed
4. Feed the dog
5. Eat breakfast
6. Brush your teeth and hair
7. Get your backpack and lunch
8. Get in the car by 8:40
9. No fighting

1. Don't get out of bed until 7:00
2. Get dressed
3. Make your bed
4. Feed the cat
5. Eat breakfast
6. Brush your teeth (no hair to brush - his idea)
7. Get your backpack and lunch
8. Get in the car by 8:40
9. No fighting

Day ONE was a huge success!  Everyone was dressed and fed and happy!  I even had time to snap a few pictures.  
Nolan (2nd grade) and Ashlee (4th grade)

Awesome job Ashlee and Nolan!  Hope you're having a great first day back at school!  See you at the bus stop - we love you!
(Mom, Dad & Haidyn)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last Weekend...

The last weekend of summer!  My parents came with us to take the kids miniature golfing.  Again, it was hot.  
The girls taking a break to plan their strategy.

Nolan couldn't decide - left or right?  Mostly he was trying to drive the ball rather than putt it.
But once he figured it out, he got  a HOLE IN ONE!

Ashlee was patient - taking her time to look cute.

Haidyn's golfing abilities are still a work in progress.  Mostly she attacked the ball with the club.  Getting mad at the ball for not moving.
Until....she figured out that it was easier to just put the ball in the hole - with her hand of course.

Here's Papa Larry in quite the predicament.

After a hot day golfing it was only fitting to sit down and enjoy some blue raspberry ICEEs.  Yum Yum!



I'm a a little behind on my posts but now that summer is officially over for the kids tomorrow - Whoo hoo!  (Oh wow, did I just say that? I meant, how sad - I shall miss them dearly.)  I decided it time to add the final summer posts.  So, here is our ever so fun trip to Lake Mendocino.  We took the kids camping for 4 days.  It was fun although by day 4 we were ready to head home - back to hot water and electricity.  My sister, Tammi and her family joined us on day two and that made  it even more enjoyable.  Despite the killer heat and the lingering smoke from nearby wild fires, the kids had a blast! We decided in the near future that there will be no more camping at the lake without a boat - it's an essential.  (so anyone reading this who has a boat - we would love to have you over for dinner and a game night) hee hee

Sean, Tammi, Kaihla, Haidyn, Kimberly, Ryan, Shad, Ashlee & Nolan







Makin' S'mores...


Oh, and let's not forget Max, our newest addition to the family.  Caught by Uncle Sean at Lake Mendo.  We brought him home and he is now Nolan's new pet...

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Gym Swim - (or not)

It was a nice night so we decided to go for a swim at our gym.  We were disappointed when we got there and the pool was closed - earlier in the day they found a "floater".  Yuck!  But we decided to stay and play in the water park area.  I brought along my camera and snapped a few before I was told to put the camera away by security.  I wasn't aware cameras weren't aloud at the pool but once I thought about it I was in favor of the rule.  I wouldn't want just anyone snapping pics of my kids in their suits.  So enjoy the few that I got.

My boys
This is such a rare shot for me to have captured - Nolan hates the camera.  But isn't he handsome?
Miss personality!
Ashlee - "Weeee!"
I don't think I'll ever understand why Ry calls Haidyn, Hai-a-lot.  I think it somehow relates to the CareBears and the land of Care-a-lot???  So far, she doesn't seem to mind though.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yogurty Cute

Enough said.