Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kids' Fort - Day #2

I survived my computer time-out!  I did cheat a bit I have to admit.  I think it's true that the more you partake in something the more you crave it and then it just takes over.  I do think though that you have to fill that habitual need with something else...hence why I am blogging today!    We have engrossed ourselves in a new project - fort building (leaving little time for anything else much less the computer).  The kids have informed us that our backyard is "too BORING!"  Ryan loves a good project just as much as I do so here's where we are on day two.
Don't drill me, I know what I'm doing!
Is this level?
Hey, I saw that!
The view

We'll keep you posted!  - every bit of pun intended!


Tammi said...

Looks awesome..not bad for day 2!!! I can't wait to come play :-)

jimbrog said...

Dang, I'm very impressed!! Good Job Ryan!!