Thursday, April 17, 2008


Haidyn's speech has been a bit delayed.  She recently had a speech assessment and was accepted into a speech program.  She will be seeing Miss Nathalie, her speech therapist once a week for up to 6 months.  The program is funded through ALTA at 100% until the age of 3.  Haidyn loves Miss Nathalie and in just 3 short visits has already shown improvement.  They have reason to believe that her previous ear infections may have contributed to this delay.  She had experienced 8+ ear infections before 20 months of age.  So with fluid in the ears for the earliest part of her life she was hearing us like she was under water - which would explain her vowel-like pattern of speech.  We are happy to say that little Miss Haidyn has been ear infection free for over 8 months now.

Haidyn is a very smart little girl and understands so much!  She scored way above her age for her comprehensive language skills.  She just needs to work on her enunciations and she needs constant encouragement to keep her trying.  She's been very positive and receptive to our requests for more speech - she's on her way!         

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