Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just got home.....

Oh my goodness....the laundry pile is HIGH!  It's so nice to come home and be able to jump right back into the swing of things.  The kids' report cards were good while we were away. Auntie Tammi survived two days with all 5 kids and Mom and Larry seemed to manage very well too.  The schedule was rigorous with two softball games, a t-ball game, Haidyn's nap schedule and of course school, but the kids looked well fed and bathed when we returned.  I think it was a successful venture for all.  Tammi was in high spirits, "Seriously, anytime you guys want us to watch the kids just let us know.  It was so much fun!"  (Um, yeah sure weirdo!)   Mom has requested us to not stray too far for awhile and  Courtney told me that Haidyn was a breath of fresh air after taking a crazy long nap during her post.

Many, many thanks to:   Courtney, Mom, Larry, Tammi, Shad and Kaihla!  
You guys make life less stressful - all too often.

Ryan and I had a pretty fun time in Texas.  He had some business to tend to but we managed to sneak away one day and visit the Marxs!  It was bittersweet seeing them in Austin - living two doors down from the now beautiful home that was once the dirt lot we called home.  But life goes on in Sacramento.  We know there's a plan for us Lil' Dunns and we feel blessed to have our health and such a great support of family and friends here.  It was hard to say goodbye to Austin this time but we'll be back again - next time traveling as a party of 5!

By the way, Alison thanks for the GPS!  I found the best mall ever on Monday!  

The Marx Family



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