Monday, April 7, 2008

"Damn it, my ice cream!"

I am forever losing my keys so why should today be any different - right?  Except today I lost them away from home, which didn't translate as, "Shoot, I'm gonna be late!" No, today it was something more like, "Damn it - my ice cream!"

Haidyn and I went out running errands like any other day.  We stopped here, we stopped there and so on.  We arrived at the Target shopping center and I ran into Ulta to pick up some shampoo.  Then we proceeded to walk next door to Target.  As all of you moms know, Target is not a quick shop.  We browsed, we filled our basket with wants and needs and left a few unnecessaries in odd places.  We covered almost every aisle.  It was a nice day at Target - Haidyn was actually behaving and I was even feeling pleased enough to reward her with a new Dora cup.
At checkout Haidyn was still happy but very careful to listen for the "beep" of her new sippy cup actually being purchased and not me sneaking it back to a shelf when she wasn't looking. Once she realized the "beep" had taken place, she insisted on having her cup in hand.  "Mine Dora.  Mommy Mine."    

"Yes, it's yours.  Time to go.  Say bye-bye!"   

"Bye, Bye!"  

As I rummage through my purse - no keys.  Hmmmm....I check the cart - no keys.  I check Haidyn - no keys!  So off we go with a full shopping cart back to Ulta.  "Nope, sorry ma'am no keys."  Check the car - no keys.  We head back to Target and leave our cart with the store clerk and pace up and down every single isle - no keys!  Then I remember, "Damn it, my ice cream!" We had bought some scrumptious ice cream which was now most certainly  chocolate peanut-butter soup.  Frustrated, I decide to try Ulta one last time - different girl this time, "oh sure we have some keys.  What kind of car do you drive?  Can you describe your keys for me?"  

What,  are you kidding me?  "Um sure, I drive a Honda."  

"What's on your key ring?"

"Well, SHE is!"  Remembering my keychain of my three kids.  "And she's actually wearing the exact same dress.  Can I please have my keys? My ice cream's melting."

"Sure Ma'am.....have a nice day!"  The store clerk shouted as I tried to wedge my cart through the not-so-automatic door!

It's times like these that make me glad for soupy ice cream.  I think my day will be okay after all.  

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Tammi said...

Aww...poor ice cream...Why didn't the person at ulta know you left your keys..ugh, how frustrating. I'm glad you found them. Did I ever tell you about the story when I was at Costco with Shad,and frozen yogurt?..Long story short..the battery to the remote died..alarm going off..can't start the car..yogurt melting..kid crying..mommy VERY irritated