Monday, March 17, 2008

Nolan's Shiner

Check out Nolan's shiner - courtesy of Ashlee.  Took us a few minutes to get past the blood and screaming but here's the story - as told by Ashlee.  "I was just trying to help him, he left his DS out.  I was trying to save his DS (Nintendo)!  Haidyn was about to grab it off the couch so I snatched it real quick and tossed it to Nolan.  He wasn't looking and it smacked him in the eye!  It was an accident!  I didn't know......(sob, sob, sob...)

Here's the story - as told by Nolan.  "She is the meanest sister in the world!  Now she knows I wasn't looking so it WAS on purpose!  She never loved me!  (pause)  I can't go to church or school forever now!  (with a sad tone) Thanks a lot Ashlee.......(with a sudden look of excitement)......hey thanks Ashlee!"

Nolan did go to school today but ironically was sent home early with a fever.  When I picked him up the school nurse seemed very concerned about his eye - asking me very specific questions in a very accusatory tone.  I think they have started a file and I'm sure CPS will be contacting us soon.

Here's how he spent the afternoon anxiously waiting for the meanest sister in the world to come home.  It's a twisted love/hate relationship - we don't try to understand it.

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Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

Funny story! I love kids...