Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's all be careful

I can't get this one off my mind.  Check out this link - this case is current.  

This is a story about an everyday mom who takes her kids to do a good deed during the holidays, thinks she's making the best of choices and ends up being arrested for child endangerment.  My heart goes out to this mother with myself being a mother of 3 and having to make similar split decisions.  For those of you who don't know me well, which most of you do because I am very open about my insane ability to see the possible crisis in every situation, know that I am  a bit crazy.   I have what I call the "what if" syndrome.  "What if  my house catches on fire while the kids are inside and I'm on my way to the mailbox just yards away?"  or  "What if someone comes into my home in the dead of the night to harm me or the kids while Ryan is away?" or "what if........"  I think you get the idea.  I know I need therapy but I just can't seem to turn off these thoughts.  Even as crazy and careful as I am, I have to admit I regularly leave my kids in the car to pump gas, run that letter to the mailbox fifteen feet away or drop something off to a neighbor. Hello!?  We all do!   I am a great mom and would never do anything to put my kids in danger.  What a sad situation.  I can feel for both sides of this debate.  I have seen children that were clearly left unattended while the parent was inside shopping and in those situations I have approached the parent or in a few situations even contacted the authorities. In this woman's situation, I may have likely done the same thing  - although not in the heat of the summer because my "what if" syndrome would kick in and remind me that the possibility exists that I may not return to my child for some unforeseen reason and her life would be over.  (see where Ashlee gets her drama)  


Kelli Bohanan said...

Good parent or not...we have ALL done this! I will be the first to admit leaving my son in the car for only minutes. However, maybe it takes someone getting caught to make us wake up! My husband is going through the law enforcement academy. Leaving your child in the car unattended is in fact a misdemeanor. Do I feel bad for this mom, who obviously had her child's best interest at heart? Of course, I probably would have done the same thing. However, the laws are put in place for a reason, a good reason! I don't blame the police for taking such actions. Just think, it could have been worse. "What if" someone in the parking lot was driving too fast (as I have seen done) swirved and hit the car and the child was seriously hurt? I do feel though, that because this was to woman's first offense (at least where she was caught) that the fine and the public humiliation would be punishment enough. Going to jail for a year seems harsh. After all, the child was competely unharmed.

jimbrog said...

I was actually surprised at the police for the way they acted. I don't believe the mother did anything any of us haven't done. What we don't know however, is how the woman reacted to the police, which may have caused the arrest.
In any case, I think what Mom did was acceptable given the circumstances and the police should have just issued a warning to her.