Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Egg Hunt!

Today was a great day for the Lil' Dunns and family!  We went for an egg hunt at Gramma and Papa's clubhouse.  Ashlee, Nolan, Haidyn, Shadwic and Kaihla!  They had such a great time.  Then we went home for a little break which included the little ones' naps.  Later everyone came to our house where we colored eggs and celebrated Mommy's birthday.  It was a beautiful day here in Sacramento - it was so nice to share it with family!

Our Three Kiddos.....Ashlee, Nolan and Haidyn!
Nolan (6) Shadwic (2) Ashlee (8) Kaihla (9mos.) Haidyn (2)

Gramma and Papa with all the grandkids


Tiffany said...

First of all, your kids have gotten huge! They're gorgeous. Next, I would LOVE for you take more photos of us. Definitely call me if you come to town, and you know I'll call you if I ever get back to Sacramento! (But my sister who lives there is really annoying, so I avoid going there - you know how it is). Third, the movie The Other Boleyn was the BIGGEST disappointment! They took too many liberties, and didn't follow the book. And there was so much left out! I agree, I couldn't really recommend it to anybody, unless you didn't read the book first, and then I just say read the book - it's so much better!

Courtney said...

Weird that my punk sister is commenting on your blog (and she's not even welcome here, you know). Love the photos, love Easter. Did you know that the good bunny brought Raelynn the very same dress Ashlee's wearing? So fun.

The Lil' Dunns said...

"INTERVENTION! Sisters are friends not food!"