Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Every year we carve pumpkins the day before Halloween - which is Nolan's birthday!

Halloween night was fun!  We went over to the Dyers' house for dinner with our Allaire Circle Family and then off we went to find the candy.  This was Haidyn's first year where she really understood what was going on.  She loved it!  After every house she would ask, "Mommy, can I go trick-or-treating again?"  She wanted to be assured that this venture would never end!
  Of course it did and she was thrilled with her loot!  

When we got home we had a ton of candy to hand out to other trick-or-treaters.  So, Ashlee and Nolan plopped themselves on the front porch and took over the task - it was great!  

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Sean Järvinen said...

FANTASTIC costumes!! It looks like you lil' Dunner's had a blast on Halloween!