Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree Deal!

Due to the crappy economy, most of us are pinching pennies this year.  If you are looking to save a little on your Christmas tree this year go check out 'Wise Buys' in Roseville.  They just got a shipment of 700 trees and all of them (6 - 12ft.) are only $9.98!  We drove out this morning and got one for us and one for  my parents.  Just thought I would pass on a good deal for those who are interested!  Better hurry - I heard they sold out their last shipment in 3 days.

Our annual tradition is to drive up to Apple Hill to cut down our tree.  But this year value outweighed our tradition.

'Wise Buys'
1159 Roseville Square
Corner of Douglas & Harding

1 comment:

Peterman said...

We bought our tree there too what a smokin deal!!! 9 feet for $9.95!! Thanks for the tip we really needed to save this year.