Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Backed Up Blog...

I am so behind on blogging!  I don't know where to begin and there is so much I will have to just leave out - I can't find the time these days.  I will start with the Piano Recital.

Ashlee has been in piano now for about 3 years.  This was her first recital.  We were all so nervous for her.  Papa Dennis, Grandma Carolyn and Papa Larry came to support the kids too.  Here is a little clip of one of the songs she played.  She did great and recovered from her little mishap marvelously!  (notice no music, she played by memory)

Nolan has been in piano for about 3 months now.  He is learning fast and seems to really enjoy it. I was so proud of him!  Nolan does not like to be in the spotlight (like his sister).  The fact that he not only got up there, but performed wonderfully is just amazing to me.  Our little man is maturing.  Unfortunately, Haidyn was being a handful during Nolan's performance so I don't have his recording on my camera.  Daddy did video the entire performance on our camcorder, but I have yet to figure out how to upload those files.  So here is a photo (of his back - sorry)
Miles, Nolan, Raelynn & Ashlee
Thanks Carrie, for teaching our kids to play piano and enriching our home with the sound of music!!!

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