Friday, October 24, 2008

Alice, the Sorcerer and the Queen

Tonight was the fall carnival at the kids' elementary school.  We didn't take the camera with us - we wanted to make sure we were able to enjoy every minute but of course I snapped a few before we left. 

Let's start with Miss Alice.  Haidyn isn't really that into movies yet, but she does love Alice in Wonderland.  We were lucky to have borrowed this great costume from Taylor (all the way from Texas!)  Doesn't she make the cutest Alice?

Next up is Nolan!  We bought this super hat while we were in DisneyLand last year.  He mentioned back then that he would like to be Sorcerer Mickey and Nolan never forgets.  So I made him the robe, we found the perfect gold rope and voila!  Sorcerer Mickey! 

Last, but not least is Miss Ashlee.  She had quite the time making her choice of costume this year.  I still have a bag of fabric sitting here on my desk - someday it will make the cutest Little Red Riding Hood costume.  She was all over the place; Little Red, Princess Lucy, Pirate Girl, the list goes on.  But one day we were in Marshalls and found this great Queen of Hearts costume.  Knowing that Haidyn would be Alice, it was perfect!  Done deal!  She won best overall costume tonight at the carnival for her grade level.  She was very proud!

Tonight when I was putting Haidyn to bed she was throwing a big fit (obviously from the excess of sugar tonight)  She was screaming, "Off with your head!" to me while I was wrestling her down to slap some jammies on her little heiny!  I think we may have to save Ashlee's costume for Haidyn.  It's her new favorite line.

Our little trick-or-treaters!


Tammi said...

That's SO it!

Grandma Doreen said...
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Grandma Doreen said...

What beautiful children. We love them so much. Wonderful costumes. Haidyn makes a perfect Alice, Ashlee a very regal queen, and Nolan the master sorcerer.