Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why We Love Cool, California

Today we drove out to see Ryan's parents (Papa Dennis and Gramma Jan) in Cool.  It was far from cool out there today though.  It was hot.  The kids just love going up there!  They love to run around on the property and feel the sense of freedom.  There are no fenced in 20 x 30 yards in Cool.  It's country at it's best!  It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  We feel relaxed and ready for our crazy week -- in the suburbs.  (sigh....)

Why we love Cool, California...

Papa and Gramma live there!
The trees have personality.
You find color bursting everywhere.
You find houses waiting to become homes.
Mario is there and ready to play and cuddle.
We get to sit back, chat and eat while the birds do the same.
The kids can climb trees!
and feel proud when they reach their 'goal branch'.
Gramma takes us on walks.
We can play on the grass and pose for a picture!
Happy Sunday everyone!  Enjoy your week!

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