Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Lovin' My Crib -- Call MTV!"

"Cousin Kaihla became a big girl almost over night, so when she moved into her new big girl bed I scored this awesome crib!  I love it!  I sleep so much better now and Mommy is loving my 5 hour stretch at night.  Life is soooo good!"

See how well rested she looks?!


Tammi said...

Kaihla is very happy that baby Kendyl loves her new crib!! She's getting so big, and cuter each time I see pics! AND I LOVE THE SMILES!!!! My little dimple girl!!!

Grandma Doreen said...

What a happy baby. She's so very special. Tammi's right, she is growing so fast.

Sean Järvinen said...

LOVE the bottom picture of Kendyl! The top pic of Kendyl sure looks a lot like her little big sister at that age. Wow.