Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Happy Mother's Night

It was a pretty uneventful Mother's Day but I'm not complaining.  I spent yet another day in bed, still trying to get over this flu.  Ryan and Ashlee cleaned the whole house!  What a great start for the week!  

Nolan let me pull out his tooth and he hurried off to bed early, anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy.

Ashlee went to bed like a pro - as usual.  Tired from all the cleaning I suppose.

And Haidyn....well Haidyn wasn't too thrilled to see the day come to an end...

But it doesn't take much to snap our happy Haidyn out of her stink.  Daddy laid down with her and after a comical version of the Three Little Pigs, he had her smiling once again.
Good night and Happy Mother's Day to all the deserving mommies out there!

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