Friday, May 22, 2009

Gone Buggy!

Haidyn has never been afraid of bugs before.  But lately she has been terrified!  Nolan had a class project last week.  He has been studying the life cycle of silkworms.  Haidyn was FREAKING out about the silkworms -- trembling, screaming and clawing her way up into Ryan's arms.  I can't even describe the show she put on at school - my words wouldn't even give it justice.  Let's just say, it was over the top!  We had never seen her this way before.  Now she is starting to have nightmares about ants and bugs being in her room.  Not sure where this is stemming from but it's almost entertaining in a way.  Ashlee has been working with her.  She finally got Haidyn to hold one of Nolan's silkworms (he got to bring 2 home as pets) the other day.  

Today, she found a ladybug outside.  She was kinda upset to find it.  After some encouraging, I got her to hold it -- for about 3.5 seconds.  Then she said, "I'm done.  Make it go away now!"  
Baby steps

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