Monday, May 18, 2009

Ashlee's 10th Birthday Splash!

Yesterday we celebrated Ashlee's upcoming 10th birthday!  She wanted a swim party and boy did it turn out to be the day for it -- it was a scorching 102!  She invited a few of her closest friends to Grandma & Papa's clubhouse.  It was a pretty simple party.  The kids just swam the whole time.  It was even hard to coax them out of the water to enjoy the melting cupcakes!  I have to say, it's nice that our kids are getting older now and I can actually breathe and somewhat relax at the pool, not worrying about them drowning every second.  

Happy (early) birthday to our 1st princess!  We've reached double digits now!!!  Where did the time go?  (sob...sob...sob)

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