Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Makes It All Better?...

We have been dealing with a lot of stress in our lives.  But today I sat back and really noticed what I love.

  • I love when I'm staring off into space in deep thought and Haidyn comes and put's her happy pizza face in mine!

  • I love that when Nolan walks in the room he always touches my belly and asks if the baby's awake.  He loves to feel her move.

  • I love that Ashlee leaves me little notes like these:  "Dear Mommy, I love you very much.  I love you as much as the earth itself.  I  know our baby has good health.  I watch you as the stars go by and you know that Daddy wears diamond ties.  (???)  I love you mommy. Love your eldest daughter, Ashlee"

  • I (kinda) love that this baby does acrobats inside me at night while I'm trying to sleep - it means she's healthy

  • I love that Ryan cleaned the garage today and told me to go lay down and rest.

  • I love that my mom has been so supportive and takes my phone calls even when she's working. And that when I don't call her, she calls to check on me.

  • I love that my magnolia tree is in bloom.

  • I love that the dog and cat have become best friends.

Today, I am thankful for what is truly important. 
(and yes, my tree is one of those things)

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Grandma Doreen said...

You are all so richly blessed in love. Treasure it always.

Much love