Friday, March 20, 2009

My Patient

Today is my birthday.  How does a mother of (almost) four spend her birthday?  Why, at home with a sick kiddo of course!  My morning started off great and then....the call came.  Nolan was in the nurses office with a fever.  I should have half expected it, it's been making it's way around the neighborhood. When I got to the school to pick him up, he said he was sorry and he hoped he didn't get me sick on my birthday.  He's such a sweet guy!  

My little man refused to take a nap.  Instead he wrapped up in a blanket and started on a 3-D puzzle - but guess what?  He didn't get too far before his little aching body fell asleep.  He's a pretty good patient, I have to admit.  I'm so sad for my sweet little man.  I hope he feels better soon.


Tammi said...

Awww..poor little guy! I think it's so funny how kids can fall asleep anywhere sometimes, but then refuse naps when you have everything 'just right'..feel better Nolan!

Grandma Doreen said...

Feel better soon Nolan. You have the best nurse in the world taking care of you. Mommies are the best.

Love Grandma

Carrie said...

I didn't realize our birthdays were so close. Happy Birthday to you! I've got 2 extra kids and an early out day on my birthday, so I'll be celebrating another day instead too!