Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"P" is for Princess!

Today for Haidyn's preschool our lesson was on the letter "P".   Fortunately, we have an all girls preschool at this time, so we were able to celebrate the letter "P" the best us girls know how - WE HAD A PRINCESS PARTY!  We curled hair, put on some sparkles, dressed in princess attire, made magic princess wands and ate popcorn for our afternoon snack.  Haidyn had so much fun!  The only way I could coax her into bed tonight was by promising to have another princess party very soon.

"P" is for Princess!

Princess Haidyn 

Princess Sydnie

Princess Noelle 

Princess Abby

Princess Chloe

The Princesses dancing at their ball! 

(Princess Paige's presence has been requested at the next ball)


Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

How dreamy! Hannah loved looking at these (they are lovely). Now she wants to come see Noelle :)

Carrie said...

Pretty Princesses! Noelle had a ball, no pun intended.

Grandma Doreen said...

What fun. They are all so beautiful and having such a good time. Oh, to be young again.