Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Family Reunion - We're Home!

We are home from Oregon - and it was loads of fun!  It was so good to see everyone and the weather was nicer than expected!  
Get ready for a ton of photos!

Family Photos...

The McCann Kids

The Grandkids (well, most of us) we missed you Tim, Craig & Jeff

The Great Grandkids

Our time on the beach...


Family Olympic Day...
Wheelbarrow races, piggy back races, crab walk race, sprints, water balloon toss, and bouncy balloon race.  The kids really had fun!

Everyone was a winner!

The Volleyball Tournament!  
Here are the teams...


TEAM #2 - The Winners!  (the cheaters)

When the parents are tired and there's nothing left to do...
Play in the dirt!

The Game Room...and games!
The place where we stayed (Osprey Park) was equipped with a game room.  There were 2 pool tables, air hockey, arcade basketball, foosball and ping pong!

Our family likes to play games!  Scrabble, Poker, Pictionary and Cranium were among the favorites this trip.

Karaoke Night!

The Deep Sea Fishing Trip
Loretta, Nathan, Ryan, John, Scott, Jacob and Ray went on a deep sea fishing trip early Tuesday morning.  I was so upset to hear that NOONE brought their camera!  They had a blast though.  They all caught loads of fish and crab!  (Ling Cod and Sea bass)  They had the fish filleted so we couldn't take a picture when they returned either.  So here is a photo of Scott and Logan.  Logan wanted to help:  "Let me crack it dad!"

It was a great trip!  The place where we stayed was quiet and secluded and seemed spacious enough.  It only sleeps 24 but my Aunt and Uncle brought their trailer.  Nolan got to camp out in the trailer with his cousin Logan.  And Loretta brought her tent trailer and Ashlee got to camp with her and Robin.  Thanks for making it fun for my kiddos!  They were quite the happy campers!

I think history will repeat itself  - Summer 2011! 
Someplace a bit warmer hopefully!


P.S.  Cousin John saves the day with cameraphone!
My cousin John just forwarded me the few pics that he took on the fishing trip with his phone!  I love technology.  Now there is proof that these guys didn't just pick up some tasty fillets at the market.

Here's Scotty pulling up his crab pot
The backs of Loretta, Ray and Ryan

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