Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bye-Bye Binky!

We have been trying to find the right time to take away Haidyn's pacifier (a.k.a. Binky).  It has just never seemed like the right time - a vacation was coming, we had potty training going (which by the way we have pretty much accomplished! Hooray!) or there was something going on that required having Binky around to make things a little more "doable" for us (you binky moms know what I mean).  I really thought she would wean herself one day.  She weaned herself from nursing and she weaned herself from the bottle.  But no - Binky was staying!   

We just got back from camping on Sunday and we knew this was our last trip of the Summer - it was now or never!  We told Haidyn that we had left the binkies at the lake.  She was soooo sad!  She sobbed and cried the first day but after that she has been okay with it.  She knows now that binkies are for babies and she is now a "big girl".  A big girl that goes on the potty and sleeps without a binky!   I can't believe we did it!  Bye-Bye Binky!

Our baby girl is growing up.


Tammi said...

YaY Haidyn!! I'm so proud, you're such a big girl now! How is it possible our kids are almost 3!?! *sigh* Tell Haidyn that it makes me SO happy that she's such a big girl that she doesn't need binkey's anymore :-)

Grandma said...

Good girl, Haidyn. Great Grandma and Grampa are so proud of you.