Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fort Update..

Okay, so here's the update on the fort.  It's done - as done as it's gonna be this year.  Maybe next year we will add a canvas top but for now it is what it is.  The kids don't seem to mind a bit. They spend all day up there!  They draw, read, write and eat up in that fort.  I'm sure if we let them sleep up there, they would.

Today I decided to head up and see what all the excitement was.  I found that Ashlee is the ring leader - of course.  She has a schedule of what they will do daily.  She cracks me up.  

Nolan taking me and my camera for a tour of the clubhouse
Artwork they created for today's art show 

Their fort is equipped with a rope ladder, two chairs, a table, carpet, a clock, trash can, art supplies and a fake potted sunflower.  Let's not forget the dry-erase board with clubhouse rules, the agenda charts (by Ashlee) and a ton of beautiful artwork created by my ever so talented children!


Tammi said...

That is SO 'Ashlee' to not only have a written out schedule, but rules as well...she's just so organized I love it! It looks great, you guys did an awesome job. Lucky kiddos :-)

Grandma said...

I love your fort. All I ever had as a kid was a couple of boards in the walnut tree. I'm so jealous. How luck you kids are.