Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kendyl Rose is 6 months old!

The day after Christmas and all is settling down - finally.  I can't believe I even found time to blog again.  I couldn't let today go by without documenting this special day - Kendyl Rose's half birthday!  We had great plans; make a half cake, eat only half a sandwich for lunch, get only half dressed (staying in jammies for the other half of course) and feeding Kendyl only half of her food for the day (LOL - as you can see she is not starving by any means) But we woke up feeling kinda sick and stuffy. It ended up being a quiet jammy day - we watched some movies and got pretty competitive with our new Wii.  Besides, there were plenty of treats left behind from the Christmas aftermath.  Even a half cake would have put us over the top!

So here she is. Our littlest princess.  Sitting up all by herself.  Six months new!  We are in love with our little Kendyl.  


Grandma Doreen said...

Happy half birthday sweet little one. What blue eyes she has. We love her to pieces.

Petersen Family said...

So sweet Kimberly! Are you ready for another now that your youngest is 6 months?? HA

Kimberly Dunn said...

Um....that's not even the tiniest bit funny! Okay maybe a little bit. But the answer is a big FAT NO!