Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where is this year going?

I can not believe it's April 1st today!  I have been meaning to blog for quite some time now. I just didn't realize that quite some time now meant more than a quarter of a year!  Where is this year going?  I have so much to share and record.  I will make it my goal to blog as much as possible this month.  But as much as possible may end up being just today's post.  It's baseball season and life is just plain insane now.  We have no life really. It's meals on wheels for the next 3 months.  I can't seem to get things under control anymore.  There is too much to do in a day and even if I feel like I'm finally catching up, by the next day it's out of control and overwhelming again.  I said the other day, "I'm going to finish all the laundry today!"  Well, what an oxymoron that is -- the laundry is never finished.  I have 4 kids who think cleaning your room is throwing everything in the hamper.  Hello?!@  I have even hung a sign up that reads:

So let's see if that helps.  Probably not.  I just needed to be heard and since noone can hear anyone around here...well, hence the note.

I will start my first post of the year with Miss Kendyl.  She is amazing!  Her little personality is starting to surface and we are loving her to pieces!  Kendyl is happy -- most always.  She loves her family.  Very much a mama's girl despite the fact she rambles, "dada" all day long.  Daddy's the ni-night guy though.  He's the one who does her night time routine; dinner, bath, ba ba and bed.  And if she wakes in the night (which is rare)  Daddy comes to the rescue. (the benefits of not nursing anymore)  She thinks Nolan is hilarious.  All he has to do is stare at her and she smiles from ear to ear.  Ashlee is her little protector / second mommy. If things are getting crazy with the other kids she looks for Ashlee to swoop her up and make it better.   Kendyl loves Haidyn!  Haidyn has always been the life of the party, no matter who she's with or where she goes.  Haidyn IS Kendyl's party.  When Haidyn's around, Kendyl lights up and bounces.  These two are going to be best buds -- I just know it.

Kendyl now has 2 teeth and I think more are on the way.  She started crawling and she's getting around pretty good now.  She likes to try to keep up with Haidyn. I think she will soon learn that no one can keep up with Haidyn. But for now it's entertaining to watch.  So with that, I will leave you with some recent photos.  Til my next post...hopefully sooner than later.

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M-MaeSantiago-Shupe said...

Hey Kimberly...sorry haven't been in touch but hopefully I'll do better. Love your pictures. Wish you could take picts of our family!