Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Sunday Night Cool Down

We took the kids to the clubhouse tonight for a swim.  It was another hot day.  Kendyl and I decided to take a dip too.  Kendyl loves her baths so it was no surprise that she loved the pool too.  It was my first swim this year.  I wasn't too excited to squeeze back into my swim suit nor expose my whiteness from lack of sun all season.  But I did and it wasn't so bad after all.  Here's to another week.  It will be a short one.  We leave for Sea Ranch on Thursday!  Can't wait!

Our four kiddos
Mama and her wee one
Just like Happy Haidyn, we have a Happy Kendyl
Haidyn still loves to catch air! Especially when it lands in a SPLASH!
The big kids.
Miss blue eyes.  Kendyl gets lots of comments on her crazy hair and bright blue eyes.  
Happy again!
I think Daddy likes tossing her around (in an evil sort of way)


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