Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

We had a great Easter this year!  It started with our annual egg hunt at my mom's clubhouse on Saturday.  Ashlee opted out of this venture - choosing to play in her softball game instead.  She has decided that she is getting too old for egg hunting.  So I took her place because I LOVE hunting for chocolate!  Nolan was most pleased with himself this year because he found a "silver egg"!  He's been after one for the past 3 years.  There are only 3 and you can trade it in for a huge chocolate bunny - he even shared it with me!  By the way Ashlee's game was amazing - tied up and went into extra innings. So fun for them!  We even got to see a lot of it after our egg hunting.  

Sunday morning we were awaken at the crack of dawn by our kids (much like every other house in the world) to enjoy the Easter bunny festivities.  We had toaster waffles for breakfast since I neglected to grocery shop before the weekend and then we were off to church - 5 minutes late as always!  We met up with Ryan's family at his Grandpa's retirement home for Easter brunch.  Haidyn and I got a mid afternoon nap while Daddy took the big kids on a bike ride.  

Four Generations of Dunn Boys
Ryan, Dennis, Nolan, Ken & Terrell

And it wouldn't be a holiday without someone getting sick - we put Nolan to bed early with a fever once again.  We didn't sleep much last night.  But at least it was a relaxing and fun weekend.  We need to get used to lack of sleep anyways - right?

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