Monday, April 20, 2009

Our #1 - 2009

Nolan had a great game on Saturday.  He's getting hits off the pitching machine every time and man that kid is FAST!  His positions are first base and pitcher (next to the machine).  He is really loving baseball this year!  So much so, that last night he was filling out his poster for 'student of the week' and more than one of his answers involved baseball in some way.  

Here's is what Nolan put on his poster...

My favorite color is: "Red and golden."
My favorite food is:  "Chili cheese dogs."
My favorite animal is: "A king cobra."
When I grow up I want to be:  "A fire fighter."
If you had one wish:  "I would wish for a baseball field in my backyard."
My favorite thing to do is:  "PLAY BASEBALL!"

See our little pitcher (top left)

He's so fast it was hard to get the shutter speed just right



Tammi said...

Nolan is SO CUTE!! I mean handsome...Good job hitting Nolan!! We're so proud of you :-)

Grandma Doreen said...

Atta boy Nolan. Good job. We'er so very proud of you.

Sean Järvinen said...'re THE MAN! Not only are you great but you pull off one of the most important attibutes of playing baseball and that is looking good in your uniform. Way to go buddy! Keep hit line drives up the middle and always run as fast as you can!
Love, Uncle Sean